Open Meeting: ‘International Solidarity with Palestine & Latin America’

Date:  Wednesday 21st July.
Time:  7pm until 9pm.
Price: free
Public Anyone on or off Facebook
With international institutions, and local Israeli organisations, now publicly calling Israel an apartheid state, plus the ongoing attempts to oppress socialist-orientated movements in South America and elsewhere, it is as important as ever that socialists here show solidarity with those oppressed and fighting back for a better world.
This meeting is open to all, there will be plenty of time for questions and contributions.
Musheir El-Farra – Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign
John Smith – Sheffield Cuba Solidarity Campaign. Author of ‘Imperialism in the 21st Century’.
Maria Vasquez-Aguilar – Activist and trade unionist, Co-founder of Chile Solidarity network.
The meeting will be chaired by Martin Mayer, the Chair of Sheffield Labour Left.
(SLL reserves the right to deny entry.)