Lewis Dagnall for South Yorkshire Mayor

Sheffield Labour Left are supporting Lewis Dagnall to be the Labour candidate for South Yorkshire Mayor.

These are difficult times for the left in the Labour Party, and we need to have some vision of what a better society can be like.

As a collective of socialists in the Sheffield Labour Party, we believe that Lewis standing as the Labour candidate for mayor helps bring some of the vision required to challenge the shift to the right that is taking place on a political level.

We fully support his proposals to bring public transport back under public control, launch a programme of community wealth building initiatives and to work with trade unions and educators to retrain adults into the green economy sector. These policies combined would be an important and tangible gain for the working class in South Yorkshire.

We believe Lewis is the candidate that will use the mayoral powers to their fullest extent.

Lee Rock                      and      Martin Mayer
Convenor                                 Chair.
Sheffield Labour Left            Sheffield Labour Left