85 Labour Party members sign petition to Sheffield Labour Students: Reverse your decision!

Today, we have sent the following petition to Sheffield Labour Students, which has been signed by 88 members of the Labour Party in Sheffield.

As Labour party members in Sheffield, we are disappointed that Sheffield Labour Students has cancelled its ‘Why we need an anti-war government’ meeting featuring Chris Williamson MP.

We note that at a time of heightened militarism across the world, this event was too important to cancel. Cancelling it is highly counterproductive to the aim of a peaceful, progressive society we are all working towards.

We also note that Chris Williamson is a champion of the anti-racist movement and has campaigned for many years against racism, fascism and anti-Semitism. The portrayal of him as anything other than this is wrongful and dangerous to the entire ant-racist movement.

We call on Sheffield Labour students to reverse the decision made to un-invite Chris Williamson to speak.

We stand in solidarity with Chris Williamson against the injustices that are so prevalent in this country and the whole world.

Signed by (all signed as Labour party members in a personal capacity):

  1. Joseph Ashton, President, Sheffield Hallam Students Union Labour, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  2. Lee Rock, Convenor Sheffield Labour Left & Trade Union Liaison Officer Sheffield Hallam CLP
  3. Cllr Sophie Wilson, Sheffield South East
  4. Dave Smith, Unite the Union EC Member for NEY&H, Heeley CLP and Sheffield Local Campaign Forum delegate
  5. Adrian Roxan, Campaign Co-ordinator, Sheffield Hallam CLP.
  6. Joel Thorpe, Vice Chair Membership, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  7. Joe Simpson, Treasurer, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  8. Daniel Rice, Treasurer, Sheffield Hallam Students Union Labour, Central CLP
  9. Anne Hollows, Sheffield Hallam Constituency Women’s Officer
  10. Carolyn Jordin, Campaigns Coordinator Burngreave LP, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  11. David Sedgley, Sheffield Hallam CLP, Dore & Totley Branch Chair
  12. Caelan Gill, Sheffield Central, Unite Delegate
  13. Amanda Reed, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  14. Timothy Caddy, Sheffield Central CLP
  15. Dawn Teare, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  16. Neville Wright, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  17. Lesley Price, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  18. Richard Chessum, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  19. Tracey Smith, Sheffield Central CLP
  20. Marianne Tellier, Sheffield Heeley CLP.
  21. Cllr Mark Jones, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  22. Jean Webb, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  23. Robert Howarth, Chair of Fulwood Branch, Branch Chair Unite Community, Sheffield Hallam
  24. Neil Cameron, Sheffield Central CLP Delegate
  25. Andrea Shemwell, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  26. Helen Glazier, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  27. Jackie Kennedy, Campaign Co-ordinator Fulwood Branch, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  28. Tony Mercer, Fundraising and Social Officer, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  29. Bob Jeffery, UCU Sheffield Hallam Anti-Casualisation Officer, Chair of Sheffield TUC, Executive Committee member of Yorkshire & Humber Regional TUC, Sheffield Central CLP
  30. Bill Sheppard, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  31. Michele Sedgley, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  32. Judith Mabbott, Secretary, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  33. Dermot Murphy, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  34. Jennifer Dunstan, Heeley CLP Campaigns Officer and Co-Chair Momentum Sheffield
  35. Jenny Cameron, Sheffield Central CLP Delegate
  36. Karen Wilson, Sheffield South East CLP
  37. Susan Atkins, Sheffield Central CLP
  38. Anne Phipps, Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP
  39. Claire Louise Judge, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  40. Fran Belbin, Branch Secretary Burngreave LP, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  41. Rhodri Huws, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  42. Nasar Raoof, GMB Rep Taxi Trade Rotherham, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  43. Kerry Dorset, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  44. Bay Whitaker, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  45. John Leary, Penistone & Stocksbridge CLP.
  46. Jordan Cullen, Sheffield Central CLP.
  47. Hilary Povey, Sheffield Central CLP.
  48. Isobel Eyres, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  49. Rich Belbin, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  50. Sarah Gill, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  51. Sue Ellis, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  52. Tom Gartrell, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  53. Elizabeth Lawrence, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  54. Lyn Brandon, Chair Burngreave Branch LP, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  55. Simon Reynell, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  56. Paul Mabbott, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  57. Steve Kinneavy, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  58. Chris Hood, Burngreave Branch Delegate, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  59. Annie Blindell, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  60. Ruth Milsom, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  61. Karen Austin, Sheffield Central CLP
  62. Angela Martin, Sheffield Central CLP
  63. John Baxter, Sheffield Central CLP
  64. Johnny Wood, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  65. Annie Blindell, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  66. Neil McPherson, Sheffield Heeley CLP
  67. Julian Newell, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  68. Eleanor Midgley, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  69. Mick Holmes, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  70. Stephanie Wilkinson, Sheffield Central CLP
  71. Jane Foggin, Sheffield Heeley CLP
  72. Sam Browse, Sheffield Central CLP
  73. Glyn Hobson, Sheffield Central CLP Delegate
  74. Terry Barrow, Penistone & Stocksbridge CLP
  75. Jon Cowley, Sheffield Central CLP
  76. Anne Davie, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  77. Alison Higgins, Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  78. Scott Shaw, Sheffield Central CLP
  79. Craig Gamble-Pugh, Penistone & Stockbridge CLP
  80. Gary Aiston, Vice Chair Ecclesall Branch, Sheffield Hallam
  81. Carolyn Webb, Heeley CLP
  82. Dominic Holland, Sheffield Central CLP
  83. Bridget Thompson, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  84. Martin Murphy, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  85. Stan Laight, Sheffield Hallam CLP