Chris Williamson MP: Unity is strength!

republished from Labour Briefing

Chis Williamson MP explains how to fight smears and insults

Efforts by opponents of common sense socialism to prevent a meeting in Sheffield about why we need an anti-war government were frustrated when Sheffield Labour Left stepped into the breach.

The meeting was originally going to be hosted by  Sheffield Labour Students.  But after a hateful smear campaign by my opponents, which included smearing me with false accusation of antisemitism, the students voted to pull the meeting.

However, the haters didn’t bargain for the strength of solidarity in Sheffield, and an alternative venue was found at short notice.  A successful meeting took place, which was addressed by myself and Steven Bell from Stop the War.

We all need to remember that as we get closer to a general election the smears, insults and intimidation will only increase.  But this episode perfectly illustrates the importance of the old labour movement maxim that unity is strength.  If we stand together we shall overcome.

85 Labour Party members sign petition to Sheffield Labour Students: Reverse your decision!

Today, we have sent the following petition to Sheffield Labour Students, which has been signed by 88 members of the Labour Party in Sheffield.

As Labour party members in Sheffield, we are disappointed that Sheffield Labour Students has cancelled its ‘Why we need an anti-war government’ meeting featuring Chris Williamson MP.

We note that at a time of heightened militarism across the world, this event was too important to cancel. Cancelling it is highly counterproductive to the aim of a peaceful, progressive society we are all working towards.

We also note that Chris Williamson is a champion of the anti-racist movement and has campaigned for many years against racism, fascism and anti-Semitism. The portrayal of him as anything other than this is wrongful and dangerous to the entire ant-racist movement.

We call on Sheffield Labour students to reverse the decision made to un-invite Chris Williamson to speak.

We stand in solidarity with Chris Williamson against the injustices that are so prevalent in this country and the whole world. Continue reading 85 Labour Party members sign petition to Sheffield Labour Students: Reverse your decision!