Full solidarity with Chris Williamson MP!

Sheffield Labour Left stands in full solidarity with Chris Williamson MP.

Any allegations that Chris is enabling or minimising anti-Semitism are not only unfounded, but part of a hostile and anti-democratic campaign. As Jeremy Corbyn recently said: “Chris Williamson is a very good, very effective Labour MP. He’s a very strong anti-racist campaigner. He is not anti-Semitic.”

Of course, allegations of anti-Semitism should be dealt with, but this should follow due process. Any false and trumped up allegations to score political points against Corbyn and his supporters, however, must also come to an end.

Solidarity with Chris!

For Socialism!

Chris Williamson MP: Unity is strength!

republished from Labour Briefing

Chis Williamson MP explains how to fight smears and insults

Efforts by opponents of common sense socialism to prevent a meeting in Sheffield about why we need an anti-war government were frustrated when Sheffield Labour Left stepped into the breach.

The meeting was originally going to be hosted by  Sheffield Labour Students.  But after a hateful smear campaign by my opponents, which included smearing me with false accusation of antisemitism, the students voted to pull the meeting.

However, the haters didn’t bargain for the strength of solidarity in Sheffield, and an alternative venue was found at short notice.  A successful meeting took place, which was addressed by myself and Steven Bell from Stop the War.

We all need to remember that as we get closer to a general election the smears, insults and intimidation will only increase.  But this episode perfectly illustrates the importance of the old labour movement maxim that unity is strength.  If we stand together we shall overcome.

Chris Williamson MP in Sheffield – uncensored!

It was great that Sheffield Labour Left were able to host the meeting with Chris Williamson MP and Stephen Bell from the Stop the War Coalition.

Initially Chris and Stephen were due to speak at a meeting to be hosted by Sheffield Labour Students (SLS) at the University of Sheffield. Following a complaint by the Sheffield Jewish Student Society, which accused Chris of “encouraging a culture of anti-Semitism”, the executive of Sheffield Labour Students came under pressure to cancel or postpone the meeting. Initially the SLS – ostensibly run by a left-wing majority – held firm against these disgraceful attacks. But not for long. The SLS’s event organiser (who is also a member of the steering committee of Sheffield Momentum) resigned from his position, because he had “hoped that the committee would listen to and accommodate the requests of a minority group”.

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